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Our Three-Pronged Approach to Education

Academic Excellence
+ Bilingual Training + Christian Education

Academic Excellence

We strive for our students to excel and achieve their maximum potential. Because we know classroom time is important, our students will spend more time in school than the government-mandated hours. This will allow teachers to impart a greater amount of learning than the students in public schools receive. Students will also have access to computer, art, and music classes which will help create a more well-rounded graduate.

Down the line, the administration will work to have the school accredited by international accreditation agencies such as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). 

The goal is that graduating students will have opportunities to attend universities in the United States because of the level of academic instruction they received at this school.

Bilingual Training

English is the world’s most common language, and our students will have the opportunity master English while studying here. Knowing English proficiently will open many more doors of opportunities for our graduates.

We recognize the struggle that many other schools have faced with English teachers who lack the training needed to adequately help their students learn English. As a result, initially the focus will be on Christian education and academic excellence, but eventually this school will have bilingual certification.

Christian Education

The main focus of this school is to offer a Christian education. All staff and teachers will be required to have a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Students will receive daily Bible class and also attend weekly school chapels. Though a profession of faith is not necessary to attend the school, it is hoped that students will graduate from this school with a greater understanding and knowledge of the Bible and have made a personal decision to trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

With no Christian school in town, this will also be the predominant school for pastors and Christian families in Jinotega to send their children to.